Courtney Jordan Net Worth – $81 Million

Courtney Jordan

Courtney Jordan is a Entrepreneur, Investor and Humanitarian, best known for the sale of his program to Microsoft for $50 Million in 2010. Throughout his career, Courtney has managed to invest, buy, and grow small businesses across the world and make lots of cash in the process. But how rich exactly is Courtney Jordan? We’ll be answering that, and some more, right down below:

Courtney Jordan Net Worth – $81 Million

Jordan’s current estimated net worth is $81,000,000.

According to SocialCelebrityNetWorth, Courtney Jordan has a net worth of $81 million! The average American of his age has a net worth of is less than $10,000. So Courtney is currently worth about 570 times more than his peers! Not bad at all right? But the real question is, how did he make so much money at such a young age…

How Did Courtney Jordan Make His Money And Wealth?

Courtney was born in Charlotte, NC, and lived there up until he went to University. In attending North Carolina Central University, located in Durham, NC, and a historically black colleges and university (HBCU).  It would be there, that he would would reject the historic run and eventual election of Barack Obama. Ironically enough, it was at University, he would help organize an event bringing the Obama to the University, as well as later lobbying on behalf of HBCUs.  And In 2012 being Invited and given an award by President Obama for his work with children and education through The Courtney Jordan Foundation.

Courtney Jordan with President Obama.

It was while in Law School, that Courtney Jordan, in an attempt to make extra money. Begin taking lessons in coding, from a friend. The lessons, would lead to him developing and with the help of his now business partner, Mary Bassey to the sale to Microsoft for $50 Million. The Duo would use the capital, from the sale, and thru their company would purchase a diverse line of Small Businesses across the globe.  Including, a textiles plant, call centers, consulting and technology firms, just to name a few.

So the answer to the question from above is… technology. Courtney is one of the young people who managed to make money off investments and has earned lots of money from the returns, as well as establishing his own brand of businesses.

Let’s take a look at how Courtney spends his money:

Courtney Jordan – Personal Life & FAQ:

Is Courtney Jordan married?

Courney Jordan is currently not married. He likes to keep his private life secret, so we’re unsure if we’ll even know once he does get married, but it is what it is. Jordan definitely does plan to get married, at least judging by one of his IG Posts called “To My Future Wife”. In this 2014 post Courtney is writing about always being there for his (future) wife, no matter what happens.

Courtney Jordan Salary & Annual Earnings in 2015

Jordan’s salary, and thus annual earnings, aren’t really known. According to some sources, he makes around $3,600,000 a year (and growing), but these are just estimates. Either way, Jordan surely makes enough to live a very comfortable life, and doesn’t appear to be slowing down when it comes to his career progress, and thus wealth.

How much money does he make per gig?

If you wanted to book Courtney, you could do so through speakers bureau ,and it would take somewhere between $10,000 and $20,000. This depends on factors such as the event length and location, number of people in the audience, book signings and such. After Jordan pays the booking agency and his other staff their cut, he surely has a lot of money remaining after each gig. Additionally, Jordan’s consulting firm charges a minimum of a $14,000 retainer fee billed at $700 an hour just to speak with him.

Courtney Jordan House 

Once again, since Jordan prefers to keep his private life a secret, there isn’t any information regarding his current house. However, Jordan purchased a $4 Million 72 acre estate in the UK. According to the London Examiner it is to be used as a retreat.

Courtney Jordan Car

Courtney Jordan, with staff, for The Courtney Jordan Foundation’s Durham Youth Alliance Program.

And once again, there aren’t too many mentions of his car online either. It appears that he isn’t popular or scandalous enough for the paparazzi to follow him around and discover what car he prefers.

Charity, donations, philanthropy

  • Through his Foundation, Courtney Jordan, empowers and provides the community with valuable resources. Providing summer camps at no cost to families that partake. Even taking a select few to an annual trip to Paris.
  • (UPDATE) Jordan has announced his Start Up initiative to help fund local entrepreneurs and fuel their dreams of being self sufficient. Providing them each with $100,000, and resources to cultivate and grow their brands.

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