Joey Mullen Net Worth $1 Million

King of DIY Joey Mullen is one of the popular YouTubers who is known for his DIY content on his Youtube videos. Joey often posts popular videos which are mostly about aquatic vlogging, that also includes aquarium DIYs and fish care tutorials. In addition, Joey has also published a DIY handbook about building aquariums.

Most popular with the name,  “King of DIY”, Joey often makes videos which are quite helpful for craft ideas. Let’s find out more in detail about Joey Mullen’s life, relationship status, and career. 

King of DIY Joey Mullen life, education and career

King of DIY Joey Mullen was born on February 2, 1983, in Canada which makes his nationality a Canadian. Much of Joey’s life and career has been private so there isn’t much information available about his family background and education.

oey Mullen started building aquariums in the year 2004 after which he created the DIY content of the channel. His work mostly focuses on building aquariums. In an interview, he talked about his passion and love for animals especially fishes and underwater species. Mullen also spoke about his interest in making aquariums as;

 “I started making aquariums as soon as I got into the hobby, which was about 12 years ago. When you build something, you get a sense of accomplishment.”

He started making videos simply because he did not want to write the instructions for making them. When his first video received a good response and about 500k views, he started posting more of them which led his videos to become more popular. With his success on Youtube and growing popularity, Joey eventually published a book with written instructions to build aquariums. His books have 370 pages and detailed instructions on how to make aquariums.

King of DIY Joey Mullen wife and personal life

Talking about the life of this DIY king, he is already married. Not only that but he is also the father of two children who are eight and five years old. Joey has kept most of his life in privacy which is why there isn’t much information about his wife and children. Mullen is mostly seen posting useful videos providing instructions to create aquariums for his viewers.

King of DIY Joey Mullen net worth

King of DIY Joey Mullen currently has around 869,337 subscribers on his Youtube channel. As his content is somewhat different from that of many Youtubers and DIY instructors, he is becoming famous online. Joey made Youtubing his full-time job given its success and growing number of viewers. So talking about the money he earns from his Youtube channel and endorsements.

King of DIY Joey is active on social media channels like Facebook, Instagram where he often posts about the aquatic animals and aquariums. He also has published his book which also explains building aquariums and the process required.

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