Fun Facts: Bryson Robinson

Name: Bryson Conner Robinson

Hometown: Los Angeles, California

Birthday: Aug. 13

Zodiac Sign: Leo

Fun Facts:

1. Bryson is absolutely a night owl.

I think everything just comes to life at night. The skyline, city lights and even movies are better at night.

-Bryson Robinson

2. He likes to unwind after a tough day by taking a swim, watching a movie and then falling asleep.

3. Coldplay is one of Brysons favorites. The last songs he had stuck in his head were The Scientist, Fix and Yellow.

4. Brysons best school subjects are social studies and geography. Math, on the other hand, is his worst.

5. No one makes him laugh more than his sister Brooklyn, who is always doing something crazy!

6. He smiles all the time.

I always stay in a positive headspace and I love life!

-Bryson Robinson


Another guy to know is Merrick Hanna, who has also appeared on Mani.

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