Johnny Orlando Speaks Out

Johnny Orlando is speaking out about his privilege and how he can help.

The 17-year-old singer and YouTuber shared a message about the Black Lives Matter movement, and how he doesn’t want artists and influencers to waste their platform by not speaking up.

“i am privileged. i will never understand the struggles that so many people in the world face on an everyday basis simply because of the colour of their skin, but i am trying to. i am lucky to have a platform. i have always tried to spread positivity & keep things light on here but that is simply not enough,” Johnny wrote on Instagram. “by ignoring these issues or staying silent, you are contributing to the issue that is so prevalent in our world. when i first saw the video of george floyd i was appalled. it made me sick, and then it made me angry. growing up in canada where i did, this is not something i have ever witnessed first hand. for that i am privileged, and i wish i had acknowledged that within myself sooner.”

“i have taken these last few days to educate myself, listen to others, sign any petition i see, and donate. i want to be part of the solution, not the problem. in order to move forward we must stand together,” he continued. “our generation needs to be vocal & be the change we wish to see in the world. to my fellow artists / influencers, a platform is a horrible thing to waste & if you are not speaking up right now you don’t deserve to have one.”

“to my black fans, i am here for you, i am here with you, i love you all so much. i am going to continue educating myself on how i can personally help offline. ‘there is no freedom until we are all equal’. #BlackLivesMatter,” Johnny concluded.

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