QUARANTINE REFLECTIONS from former Disney star Asher Angel

Actor, singer, former Disney star Asher Angel has taken over the scene in a big way this year. His early 2020 single ‘Chills’ claimed its place on over 22 playlists, including Apple’s Breaking Pop, Spotify’s New Music Friday and YouTube’s Pop on the Rise.

Angel’s new single ‘Guilty’ is a much more vulnerable composition but it’s been making waves through the charts. The young artist has also developed a fan magazine to keep his fans in the loop on his ongoing adventures.

Music Talkers caught up with Angel and got his thoughts on quarantine, upcoming tours, and dream collaborations.

How has the transition from acting to singing been? Has there been a steep learning curve?

You know, when you’re acting you’re putting yourself in someone else’s shoes and you’re becoming that character and I feel like, for music and singing, it’s vice versa. You’re singing about yourself and life experiences and personal experiences, so you have to able to connect with yourself and with other people on an emotional level.

You decided to go with a more stripped-down sound for ‘Guilty’, something that’s far more vulnerable than previous tracks. How did you come up with this composition? And what inspired you?

I feel like, obviously with ‘Guilty’, it’s different than any of the music I’ve put out. I feel with ‘Guilty’ that’s totally Asher. That’s the kind of music I want to make. You see different kinds of layers as to who I am as a person and as an artist. I just like writing about things that are relatable and that will be able to connect with people and reach them on an emotional level. With ‘Guilty’, I I just felt like I wanted to make something that would really be able to connect with my fans and the people out there and I felt like ‘Guilty’ definitely had that. It was special.

We’re living in crazy times at the moment. How are you continuing to keep up with music and recording while presumably stuck indoors? Have any virtual collaborations or productions been planned from your end?

Like I said, we’re still working. The business is still going at home. I’m still doing press, I’m still making music. We’re doing visualizer, music videos, I’m doing acting still, self-tapes, Zoom calls. It’s a little bit different, with everything happening in the world right now. But yeah, we’re still doing it.

How’s quarantine been like? Any crazy hobbies you’ve gotten into? We’re all learning things about ourselves during this period, how about you?

It’s obviously really sad, with everything that’s happening in the world. I know we’re going to get through this. I’m taking the time to reset and reflect on everything that’s happening. It’s just like a good reset for me, just to be home and spend time with the family. You know, have conversations with my parents that I’m usually not able to have. I’m still working but I feel like a normal kid. So it’s been nice.

What are some of your biggest influences in terms of your sound? Who are some artists that have helped you shape your sound?

I think Justin Timberlake was definitely a big influence on me. He was into acting, he was into singing, so I think it’s cool that we both want to do everything. We’re both baritones, so he’s definitely had a big impact on my musical career and my sound, for sure. Like I said, I’m still young and I’m still trying to figure out my sound. I feel like I’m definitely close to finding it.

You’ve already worked with Wiz Khalifa. Are there any other collaborations coming down the pipeline?

There are going to be so many collabs. I can’t wait for my fans and for the people out there to find out and listen to this amazing music. I’m just trying to pave my way and take people on a musical journey- Asher’s journey.

What would be your dream collaboration, if you could pick anyone?

I think it’d be cool to do something with The Beatles, for sure. I mean, they’re legendary, they’re iconic, who doesn’t love The Beatles? That’d definitely be a dream collab for me. Also JT! Holler at me, bro.

When all this is wrapped up, are you planning on going on tours anytime soon?

Yes! We’re already trying to get some things lined up. I can’t wait to see my fans and I just can’t wait to get back on the road and just do this. I’m pumped, I’m ready, I’m motivated.

You only had your debut last year but how long have you been performing and making music?

I’ve been performing ever since I was, you know, eight. I started off doing musical theatre, so that incorporated acting, singing, dancing. That’s kind of where I found my passion for it and found my love for the arts. So yeah, I’ve been doing it for a while. I feel like over the course of a couple years, I’ve really started making my own music and really doing it.

What would you describe your genre as?

I would say pop and urban. Urban, pop. Purban.

Is there a message you wanna share with your fans?

Yes, I just want to say to everyone out there that I know it’s very difficult. You know everything seems very hard right now but I promise we will get through this. We will come back stronger. And remember to always be courageous and to always be kind and always be yourself.

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