The Band in the Verizon Wireless Commercial

What is the Band name from the Chris and Blake Verizon Wireless Commerical


So the big question on the net is who is that guy Blake and what is the name of his band? The answer, is the Joyous Wolf and Blake Allard. And yes they are real and signed to atlantic records.

The seeds of the band were planted about three and a half years ago when Allard met singer Nick Reese at a Guitar Center.

The two jammed a bit and Allard inquired about any guitarist vacancies in Reese’s band, but there was none at the time. They exchanged information and went on their ways.

Eventually, Reese’s band broke up and he phoned Allard to start the group that would come to be Joyous Wolf.

Allard, Reese, drummer Robert Sodaro and bassist Greg Braccio are heavily influenced by blues along with hard rock bands like Rage Against the Machine and Alice in Chains.

The music sounds like a union of the genres — or as Allard calls it, “angry blues.”

The band’s single, “Mountain Man,” is the only song it has officially released, along with a few music videos on YouTube.

Reese’s howling vocals, summoned from his deepest interior, are a mix of rugged grunge and blues. Allard ferries in the latter parts of the song with a blistering, feral solo.

Allard said the band is working on an LP.

While the band is feeling the relief of first successes, its road was paved with obstacles typical of the music scene.

You can listen to the music by clicking this link

You can follow the IG of the band here

Blake Allard

Greg Braccio

Robert Sodaro

Nick Reese


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